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Crane service is a safer alternative than a crew of strong individuals and brute force

Do you need to have large or extremely heavy items delivered or moved at your property? What do you do when a few strong individuals isn’t enough? Call High Desert Crane. We have the equipment and skills to serve your needs safely and efficiently.

Our expert rigging and hoisting services

Let’s protect your property

 •  Poles

 •  A/C and heating units

 •  Service signs

 •  Large trees and palm trees

 •  Hot tubs

 •  And more

Avoid potential damage to your property by relying on qualified professionals for your crane work.


Our team is experienced and provides the personal service and attention to detail that you require. Insured, so your property is always protected. Contact us 24/7 for emergencies.

Proudly serving High Desert, CA and the surrounding areas for more than a decade.

Call today for your estimate.


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